Hear what other educators, parents, and students say about working with Kantis Simmons

Reviews from CONFERENCES & Event Coordinators

“We had a wonderful session by Kantis Simmons. It was very dynamic. Everything that was promised was delivered. He did an excellent job… By using his 7.25 points, we’re gonna have an excellent school year”

Veronica Lopez, District Coordinator, South Texas Technologies (Weslaco, TX)

"He did beyond our wildest imaginations, and encouraged them to live beyond their dreams and pursue careers in STEM."

Jessie Vernon, STEM Conference Coordiantor, Institute for Advanced Learning and Research

"I had no idea Kantis Simmons was this dynamic and motivational. He left the group with tools they could use. We will definitely be using him again."

Debbie Esperaza, Regional Conference Coordiantor, Phi Theta Kappa Texas

"It has been a privilege to work with Kantis Simmons. He is getting our students energized, excited, and motivated about math and science.

Ketia Shumaker, Associate Professor, University of West Alabama STEM Conference

Reviews from COLLEGE Directors & Coordinators

Kantis was Amazing! He has such a way of engaging both students and educators with messages they can remember and take home and use."

Dr. Jennifer Benne, Department Head, Lincoln University (Jefferson City, Missouri)

“Kantis spoke to our First year Students and it was fantastic. He had over 500 Freshmen excited and enthusiastic after listening to his presentation. I knew he had turned the students on, when I took him to lunch and so many students came up to him to thank him and ask him questions”

Sharon Williamson, Student Activities Director , Colby Sawyer College (New London, NH)

"Kantis Simmons was very great and motivational for our Family STEM Event. Thank you for helping us get in assignment."

Core 4 Stem Event & Family Day, Palo Alto College (Pala Alto, TX

"Kantis Simmons presents the truth on the college experience. He presented to our College Freshman and have him back again and again."

Kasie Von Haden, Viterbo University (LaCrosse, WI)

Reviews from SCHOOLS & Administrators

Kantis was one of the best speakers we ever had in 11 years... He was so good that several of our students asked to stay here today to see him a second time, because they enjoyed him so much."

Danny Knot, Principal , Eastern Montgomery High School

Kantis delivers a timely and perfect message to 'amp up' our students for the semester. He gave us practical strategies on how to be a success. It was great for our students.  I encourage you to bring him to your school as well, it will be well worth it."

Brent Osborne, Principal, Lakeside HS (Nine Miles, WA)

I would highly recommend you take a look at Kantis Simmons and bring him in. He delivers a highly motivational talk that pushes students beyond their limitations.

Jeff Bearwald, Principal, Lakeside Middle School (Nine Falls, WA)

Kantis did a fabulous job, and the students really heard his message. He delivers a unique and right on target message to students. He had a really positive message,and I encourage you to bring Kantis to your school and his message resonate with your students, the way it did at ours."

Wes Paul, Principal, Oliver Ames HS (Eason, MA)

"Several of our young men cam up and said how impactful Kantis was. We really appreciate the difference you made in the lives of our young men."

Chuck Carter, Principal, McClarin Success Academy