How Should I Study To Learn More So I Can Get Better Grades? #AskKantis 011

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In this episode of #AskKantis, Kantis Simmons helps a young man with his “study style” by helping him to understand his learning style to best determine how you should study in school.

Watch this video and then take the learning style assessment below to determine how you learn best.

What’s Your Study Style and Learning Style

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Kantis Simmons

Kantis Simmons is a Rocket Scientist, Academic Guru, Author and Nationally Renowned Motivational Speaker that's on a mission to improve overall student and teacher performance in this country. Schools, colleges, and organizations bring him in to speak on topics like: How to Get Better Grades, How to Succeed in STEM, How to Prevent Teacher Burnout, and How to Motivate Students. He's the author of Playing Your 'A' Game, and creator of the Educate to Elevate Podcast. Request him to speak at 404-458-7668 or