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Academic Success, STEM Education, College Readiness and Teacher Motivation


"Kantis did a fabulous job, and the students really heard his message. He delivers a unique and right on target message to students. He had a really positive message,and I encourage you to bring Kantis to your school and his message resonate with your students, the way it did at ours."

Wes Paul, Principal, Oliver Ames HS (Eason, MA)


Play Your 'A' Game

In this most requested Academic Achievement Talk for School Assemblies and Motivations Days, Kantis delivers a timely and perfect message to 'amp up' students for the semester. He gives practical strategies on how to be a success. Topics include:

  • How to study right and study productive
  • How to stay motivated and focused all year long
  • 7 ways to sky rocket test scores and grades
  • The success mindset to be a 4.0 in school and in life

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"Educate to Elevate"

Normally requested for Teacher Training Workshops and Professional Development Days, Kantis breaks down how to engage your students so they won't zone out, and motivate educators so they wont burn out. Topics covered are:

  • How to free yourself from teacher stress and burnout.
  • How to balance  school and life to get more things done.
  • Classroom engagement strategies to connect with your students.
  • How to elevate the culture and morale of your schools staff.

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"STEMULATE" (STEM Education)

This non-traditional STEM Education talk goes into details on how to help students in your program learn, live and love Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math subjects and careers. With a STEM is everywhere framework, Kantis will discuss topics:

  • How to study STEM subjects in fun way
  • 7.25 ways to learn it, live it, and love STEM subjects
  • How to approach a future career in STEM
  • Creative ways to jump-start your school's STEM program

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Designed for Freshman Orientations and College First-Year Experience Programs, Kantis Simmons breaks down the key fundamentals on how to succeed in and outside the college classroom. Topis discussed are:

  • 10 Question to ask before selecting a college major.
  • The 168 hour approach to managing your new college freedom.
  • How to study in college so you maintain your starting 4.0.
  • 7.25 habits of successful college students that will help in you career.

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"Kantis Simmons is getting students excited, inspired, and motivated about STEM"

Dr. Ketia Shumaker, Professor and STEM Coordiantor, University of West Alabama

"He did beyond our wildest imaginations, and encouraged them to live beyond their dreams and pursue careers in STEM."

Jessie Vernon, STEM Coordinator, Institute for Advanced Learning and Research

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“We had a wonderful session by Kantis. It was very dynamic. Everything that was promised was delivered. He did an excellent job for our district educators. By using his 7.25 points, we’re gonna have an excellent school year.”

Veronica Lopez, District Coordinator
Veronica Lopez, District Coordinator South Texas Technologies, Weslaco (TX)

Kantis was Amazing! He has such a way of engaging both students and educators with messages they can remember and take home and use. We appreciate everything he did for our University."

Dr. Jennifer Benne, Department Head
Dr. Jennifer Benne, Department Head Lincoln University (MO)

Kantis Simmons was our STEM Keynote Speaker, and he did beyond our wildest imaginations and encouraged our students and educators to live beyond their dreams and pursue careers in STEM."

Jessie Vernon, STEM Coordinator
Jessie Vernon, STEM Coordinator Institute for Advanced Learning & Research

Kantis Simmons ' STEM presentation was fantastic! He had everyone's wrapped attention very early in the morning (on a Friday). Everyone was excited, invigorated, and inspired...  and He's hilarious."

Karen Peterson, STEM Coordinator
Karen Peterson, STEM Coordinator Daytona State College (FL)