Academic Success Expert & Student Motivational Speaker

I’m one of the leading experts and highly requested School Assembly Speakers on Student Performance and Academic Achievement.

I realize you hold the responsibility of organizing school events and arranging guest speakers, and you have probably discovered that the success of your event, hinges on the success of the speaker. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the right speaker that can educate, inspire and impact your audience and move them towards success.

So how do you decide on selecting the right speaker for your school assembly, motivational day, conference or college event? Do you look for…

  • A speaker who will inspire and deliver relevant information that produces lasting success?
  • A speaker who RELATES to your students and audience with his universal and personal message?
  • A speaker who is genuinely CONCERNED about the success of your audience and event?
  • A speaker who not only speaks about student success, but has actually achieved it?
  • A speaker who makes your job and planning easy and makes you look good?

In all honesty, if you are searching for the above speaker…I would be honored to work with you.

Still Deciding on a Speaker?

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“Kantis did a fabulous job, and the students really heard his message. He delivers a unique and right on target message to students. He had a really positive message, and I encourage you to bring Kantis to your school and his message resonate with your students, the way it did at ours.”

- Wes Paul, Principal, Oliver Ames HS (Eason, MA)