Your students will love having School Success Youth Speaker, Kantis Simmons, speak at their event. With over 10+ years of working with schools and students, and over 25+ years being a student, he will keep them engaged, excited, and empowered. With his unique way to drive home practical success principles, using his humorous life stories and expertise, your entire audience will be able to relate.

Whether you invite Kantis to be the keynote motivational youth speaker for a school assembly, be the opening or closing speaker for a conference or retreat, or be a workshop speaker at a seminar, you will not be disappointed.

Kantis Simmons speaking programs are perfect for elementary motivation days, middle school assemblies, and high school assemblies, youth conferences, new student orientations, college retreats, freshman orientations, junior college and university students. He also speaks to educators, teacher groups and leads seminars and can facilitate workshops as well.

Kantis Simmons is one of the easiest youth and college speakers to  work with. He simply wants to help your audience succeed, while  making your job of planning a superb event sweatless.

The programs below can be used as one simple session or as an all day event. Whatever your desires, just let us know.


“Success is a Mindset”

The key to motivating students to succeed in school and life is to give them a winning mindset. No one does this better than Kantis Simmons. Using humor and touching stories, he shares about his own personal struggles with a mind crippling disability.

Born with missing fingers, Kantis spent years believing that his whole identity was wrapped up in his physical disability. His negative view poisoned his potential and spun him into a downward spiral of self pitty. When Kantis changed his mindset about his life, everything changed. His story is inspiring and relatable to all who listen. Your audience will learn:

* Topics covered in this program include *

  • The only thing missing in your life is the right mindset
  • Even though you may have challenges, you can still be great
  • You can succeed in school and in life with his 7.25 plan
  • Understanding the Top 7 Skills of Successful Students
  • Learning the Right Way to Overcome Adversity and Insecurity

Response from Audience Members ==> “I really enjoyed what you talked about at my school. I learned that if you think negative things about yourself then you”ll be negative things. I also learned some study tips and the kind of people i should be hanging out with. Thanks for advise on a better school year.”  ( Amy, Student from Virginia)




Most students desire to be at the top; however, their work habits and levels of discipline do not always support their scholastic desires. What is it that causes one student to perform poorly and another to play his or her “A” Game all year long?

This simple question is answered with a combination of humorous stories, simple advice, and practical strategies on student success. Kantis Simmons shares his proven Student Success System that has earned him three degrees with honors and more than $317,000 in academic scholarships. The schools he’s worked with have seen their students’ performance increase some 32%.

You will be amazed to hear how this former NASA Research Scientist grew up battling with insecurity, adversity, and low self esteem due to an unexpected birth defect. After a series of life events, he learned how to overcome and defeat the mental battles that held him bound; the same ones that quietly tell today’s student “you can’t, you won’t, and you’ll never succeed.”

Kantis Simmons provides more than motivational rhetoric and theory. He gives-real life solutions that bring real-life results!

* Topics covered in this program include *

  • 3 Daily Habits that Instantly Raise Your GPA 1 Letter Grade
  • Beating Procrastination to Get Things Done Fast
  • How to Stay Motivated and Focused During the Long School Year
  • Understanding the Top 7 Skills of Successful Students
  • Learning the Right Way to Overcome Adversity and Insecurity
  • Defeating Test Anxiety and the Doubtful Inner Voice
  • How to Set Academic Goals and Accomplish Every One of Them

Response from Audience Members =>  From your speech I realized that it was time to get serious about my future, decide what I am good at and what I want to do, and get to it.  I took your words as you were trying to tell us, that no matter what the issue is, you can ALWAYS succeed in school Thank You so much (–Katelyn, High School Jr, Florida)




Taking classroom tests, standardized tests, and board exams are huge requirements for assessing the knowledge of students and the performance of many school systems. In this essential talk, Kantis Simmons reveals to your students how to instantly get better test scores  and how to prepare for the big standardized test.

* Topics Covers covered in this program include *

  • Understanding what to study, when to study, and even who to study with
  • Learning specific note-taking skills that no one ever talks about
  • Retain more information in class by properly listen and record class notes
  • Decoding what questions will be on the test (even before the teacher puts it on the test)
  • Demolishing test anxiety, stress, and the negative feelings of defeat
  • Approaching essay questions with ease and how to write them
  • Melting away stress by beating procrastination
  • Motivating themselves for the “big test”



Every student experiences some level of insecurity and is troubled by aspects of their past. In some cases, adversity keeps students fearful to face life’s future challenges and affects their performance in school. Using his birth defect, Kantis reveals how confidence, character and compassion can be coupled with purpose and passion to outmaneuver life’s adversity. This program addresses the challenges students face at simply being themselves, identify their life’s purpose and how to overcome those challenges. Students will learn how to:

* This program discusses how to:

  • Ask and answer the hard questions in life that have never been addressed
  • Discover their gifts, qualities, and their hearts deepest desires
  • Create  a life plan to reach all their life’s goals
  • Gain confidence to face all life’s challenges and setbacks
  • Overcome distrust, anger, and hurt to resolve relationship conflict
  • Eliminate the root to low self esteem
  • Build a proper identity that leads to a life of success

Response from Audience Members => I absolutely loved hearing your story and your struggles and how you overcame them. I thought that you were hilarious and definitely made hearing about all the tips you gave for how to succeed better in school a fun time! I definitely can say i learned a lot about my study habits and friends and such and how they can all effect my overall success in school. I plan on applying these new study habits to my day to day life and hope they make a positive impact! I definitely think that every student should hear you because not everyone fully understands the importance of school and how much it effects your future. I think everyone can use help with tips on what they can improve and with one student at a time we can make a huge change in the drop out/ not graduate rate. Thanks so much for coming to our school!  – (Amanda, 10th grade student in Massachusetts)

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