"Imagine Being Excited to Go to School Everyday, Productive When Studying, and Enjoying a Report Card Full of A's..."

Here's a Solution to Make Academic Success Your Reality

Here's the truth: most students find going to school, studying and test-taking intimidating.

But the reality is that every student can have a successful academic career, if they have the right habits, mindsets, disciplines and work ethic.

Yes!  Every student can stay motivated, remain focused and succeed in school, when you follow the carefully constructed system you'll discover inside The "Playing Your A Game"  Home Study Course.

“Kantis Simmons’ program took me from a “C” high-school student to a 4.0 college freshman, and his Academic Success System made me a better all-around person. And now a graduate.”

William Powell (Morehouse College) Atlanta, GA

“When Kantis first came to our school, he amazed us. His A-Game program goes hand in glove with information school counselors are providing to our students. We bring him back again and again.”

Rodger Hudson (Counselor), Monroe, GA

Here Are the Proven Secrets For You to Succeed Inside and Outside the Classroom...

Dear student, if you lack the motivation to get school work done... if you are disappointed after taking a test... if you find that studying is a painful daily chore... or even if you think your report card grades could use a steroid boost... I've got good news: the Playing Your A-Game Home Study Course will explain why...and what you can do about it.

This Academic Success Home Study Course is right for YOU if:

  • You want to raise your school grades, and do it without all the stress and nervousness.
  • You are looking for a solution to find motivation and enthusiasm to overcome school apathy and boredom.
  • You find yourself procrastinating, and would love to know the best time to study certain subjects and retain the information.
  • You are open to use new shortcuts and web technology to enhance your grades when studying.
  • You want to learn how to set academic goals and accomplish every one of them.
  • You are open to develop ninja-like focus and get things done faster.

“Your Academic Success system is a practical tool that keeps me on track, i.e. organized, prepared, and on top of my game. Plus, It encourages me not to give up, and that I really can do all things…including acing Organic Chemistry, mastering Cell biology, managing work and social activities!”

Aprielle Brakley
(Student), Hampton University, VA

“Kantis Simmons presents a very beneficial program to kick off our school year for our freshman. All schools should contract with this program because it provides freshman with the necessary information to be successful.”

Joe Fuline
(Principal) Struthers High School, OH

Your Student Can Achieve More in School, With Your Help. This Course Will Also Help Loving Parents Discover...

  • How to help students balance and prioritize their school work and other responsibilities.
  • How to destroy the one habit every parent teaches their child that may be hurting their current academic success.
  • How a mother stayed motivated and focused enough to finish two college degrees, hold down a full time job, and raise three students of her own.
  • The 5 Reasons why students will fail a class, and what you can do to help them avoid it.
  • As a bonus… Kantis will share how to locate and cash in on college funding that no one ever talks about. Plus he’ll share a few simple tactics he used to land more than $317,000 of scholarships.

Is It Possible That You Are One Habit or One Strategy Away From Total Academic Success?

What is it that causes one student to perform poorly and another to play his or her “A” Game all school year long?

Well for me, it was my shift in my mindset, and in my habits.

You see...I had a strange way of thinking. I consistently thought I can't, I won't and I'll never (due my finger birth defect). This type of thinking bundled with bad habits, caused me challenges in classes like English, Biology, History and Liberal arts. I had a challenge remembering what I studied... performed poorly on test... and even made low scores on major Standardized test. Outside of math, I was always cramming and sweating to pull out a good grade, in the last minute.

But everything changed, when I changed my stinking thinking and my daily habits. I became a better reader... I discovered my learning style... I learned the importance of managing self...and how to succeed under any circumstance.

This A-Game mindset and habits, helped me to:

  • Graduate as "Mr. Panther" (Award to the male student with the highest GPA in my high school).
  • Receive 3 advanced scientific college degrees (1 BS, and 2 Masters) with honors.
  • Earn more than $317,000 of Free Scholarship money, so my parents didn't have to give a penny.
  • Worked as a Reseach Fellow, Intern, and Rocket Scientist with NASA Langley Research Center.

Knowing a simple system has been the key to my success, and those that I have worked with. Today, I want this same joy and achievement for you.

Here’s What's  Included In The Playing Your 'A' Game Academic Success Home Study Course:

  • Parent Workbook - “The Ultimate Game Plan to Help Students Succeed in School"
  • Student Book – “Stay Motivated, Remain Focused, and Succeed in School & Life”
  • Student Audio – “Better Grades in 7 Days”
  • Student Audio - “Why Must I Go to School”
  • Parent Audio – “The True Role of Parents”
  • Student Video - "7 Habits of Highly Successful Students"
  • *BONUS* 11 track Music Album – “Academic Study Sounds”

100% Money Back Guarantee

Give the Playing Your “A” Game Academic Success Home Study Course a try. You have 30 days to decide if it’s right for you. If you’re not 100% satisfied for any reason, just send the program back and we will refund all your money.

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"An applicable...informative...and easy to understand program that impacts both the personal & academic aspects of life."

Dr. Tanea Chane, Former Middle School Student, Now Med School Graduate
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