ETE017- Good Teachers Don’t Quit: 5 Ways to Prevent Teacher Burnout

Good Teachers Dont Quit

This has been a challenging year for many teachers, administrators, schools, and parents.

We have seen the national media coverage of in-school violence, school shootings, student-teacher fights, walk-outs, and debates about common core curriculum.

But here’s the truth…Good Teachers Don’t Quit!”

Regardless of what’s going on in your school or our nation… YOU Matter!

Here’s a 7 minute video to encourage you, and other teachers like you, who consider quitting, battle with stress, and feel discouraged this time of the year.

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Good Teachers Do This…When They Lack Motivation

You may currently be on the verge of quitting, or changing your career field, but before you do so I encourage you to do these 5 things first.

1.Sketch a Picture of  Yourself.

Yes! Take the time to draw a sketch of yourself and how you imagine you are appearing to others as an educator right now.

Are you sad? Are you enthused? Are you happy with your performance?

Then sketch an image of how you ultimately want to look and how you want to see yourself.

What goals do you want to accomplish? What awards do you want to earn? How do you want to look when you stand in front of your peers and students? Sketch that. Draw that.

Review your sketches and post the second one somewhere you can see it on a daily basis. This is your new vision.

2. Flip Your Failures.

Think about those teaching strategies and activities that were not successful this year. Take the time to dust them off, add fresh creativity, and try them again.

When the entire class fails your test, and it appears they didn’t learn a thing… try it again. Take a different approach, change your level of engagement, teach to their learning style, and re-test them.

Flip your failures. Don’t give up on them, and don’t give up on yourself.

3. Revisit Your Why.

Why are you an educator? Why are you a teacher? What makes you get up every morning? What’s your big “WHY”?

As I mentioned in Episode 001, I address this issue of motive… motivation… and motor.

By asking yourself “what’s your motive?”, you can easily understand the motivation that fuels your motor.

When you don’t know your big WHY, you lack the motivation to effectively teach year after year. This of course leads to stress, teacher burnout, and ultimately quitting.

4. Hang Out With New Friends.

Studies show that we are the average of the 5 people we associate with the most. This is is also true where your salary, mindset, and outlook on life is concerned.

If you are constantly hanging around pouty-mouthed educators, then it’s no wonder you are pouty-mouthed.

If you are hanging around educators, who whine, complain, and backbite, then it’s no wonder you have the same temperament.

Who’s contaminating you?

Who’s building you up?

Who’s inspiring you?

Who’s pushing you to greatness?

Maybe it’s time to revamp your circle of associates; hang out with new friends, educators, and colleagues  if you need to.

5. Get the Lead Out Your ‘But’.

Like my baseball coach use to say, “Kantis quit making excuses and get the job done on the field”. I say the same to you, quit complaining and get the job done in and outside the classroom. Your students need YOU.

What “but” is causing you to consider quitting.

What “but” is causing you to complain about the teaching profession?

What “but” is holding you and your school from greatness?

Get the lead out of your “but”!

Take the time today to remove all complaints and excuses; recommit to the teaching profession. You are in the serving business. YOU are in the profession to elevate those you educate.

The difference you’re making for your students matters more than any excuse.

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