ETE 019 -How to Deal with Excessive Testing in the Classroom

Are our schools administering too many test?
Do these test impact the quality of our education?
Are teachers overworked in preparing for these test?
Does these test  impact you and the quality of the classroom curriculum?

In this Episode of Educate to Elevate, Kelly Harmon and Kantis Simmons discuss how educators are to deal with excessive testing.

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In my home state, schools have to administer many standardized test, not to include quizzes, tests and finals given by teachers.

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Kantis Simmons

Kantis Simmons is a Rocket Scientist, Academic Guru, Author and Nationally Renowned Motivational Speaker that's on a mission to improve overall student and teacher performance in this country. Schools, colleges, and organizations bring him in to speak on topics like: How to Get Better Grades, How to Succeed in STEM, How to Prevent Teacher Burnout, and How to Motivate Students. He's the author of Playing Your 'A' Game, and creator of the Educate to Elevate Podcast. Request him to speak at 404-458-7668 or

  • Denise Gunter

    Kandis & Kelly, you guys have great chemistry. No pun intended. In addition to the 4 tips you discussed to reduce test anxiety, two (+) thoughts come to mind:
    1. It is an enormous task for teachers to prepare & plan for a test that they sometimes don’t see until test preparation time. In many states, for the high stakes test it is illegal to even use some of the old tests to prepare your students. Testing protocol helps to create the anxiety students and teachers feel. It is important for the administration and the school systems to provide adequate test taking materials, strategies and most importantly a pacing calendar that aligns test taking skills & strategies to the curriculum. As an elementary administrator I have been a part of this daunting process. As states adopt new tests, and discard the old, the process begins all over again. The testing protocol during the administration of test also create an enormous amount of stress as well.
    2. While we do not want to “teach to the test” it is imperative to teach test taking strategies throughout the year. These can be imbedded into your lessons throughout the year, as Kelly noted. However, this takes a thorough understanding of the curriculum and knowledge of the skills the students are expected to demonstrate.
    3. We also held parent workshops for parents to understand the what is expected of their child during a high stakes exam. Some of the expectations in elementary school can be quite unreasonable. We found we needed to take students on field trips to actually experience historical and cultural events so that they could write about the topics, on a state-wide social studies exam, for example. Many of the students had no experiential knowledge about the topic, let alone being able to decipher the task they were expected to perform.
    As a former testing coordinator responsible for overseeing the administration of over 700 students including ESL, IEP modifications (special education) etc., this topic hit a nerve.
    Thank you for giving me a voice!