ETE 018 – Can We All Just Get Along? Crafting a Healthy Classroom Culture (with Veronica Crafton)

What can you do in the classroom to create an environment where students and teachers both get along?

What can you do to get the most out of your students so they are engaged, focused and love learning in class?

What can you do when you have students acting out and it turns into a classroom behavior issue?

Well in episode #018 of #EducatetoElevate, Kantis Simmons sits down with Veronica Crafton of Amazingly Uplifted to discuss  how to craft a healthy classroom culture.

In this Episode on Classroom Culture, we discuss:

– How to Create a Healthy Classroom Environment
– How to Keep Students Engaged so they Love to Come to Class
– How Caring is the Key to Better Student Performance
– How to Address Classroom Disciplinary Issues.
– 4 Functions of Behavior, and What You Can Do About It

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Veronica Craft is an educator, speaker, trainer that believes no child rises to low expectations.

As the founder of Amazingly Uplifted Amazingly Uplifted, LLC, her company seeks to provide family and therapeutic services to children with autism and their families in the greater Atlanta area.

Their mission is to provide children with services to enhance their educational goals, social skills, and personal development. In addition to serving the child. Amazingly Uplifted will help train and educate parents and teachers on how to work with and advocate for their children.

About The Author

Kantis Simmons

Kantis Simmons is a Rocket Scientist, Academic Guru, Author and Nationally Renowned Motivational Speaker that's on a mission to improve overall student and teacher performance in this country. Schools, colleges, and organizations bring him in to speak on topics like: How to Get Better Grades, How to Succeed in STEM, How to Prevent Teacher Burnout, and How to Motivate Students. He's the author of Playing Your 'A' Game, and creator of the Educate to Elevate Podcast. Request him to speak at 404-458-7668 or