How to Focus on School Work After the Death of a Loved One

focus on school work

In this episode of #AskKantis, a Youtube subscriber asked how to focus on school work after the death of his mom. See his response here. In the video below I go into detail and communicate a practical 3 step process to find new motivation, new inspiration and the new strength to handle the death of…

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3 Ways to Focus In School, Study Better, and Get Things Done

Recently, I asked a group of students, “What were some of the challenges they consistently had in school”? And the majority of them mentioned… staying focused in school, lacking motivation in school , and  studying without being distracted. Want to Focus in School Better? Do This! So to address their issues, I shot this video…

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How to P.O.P. an “A” on Your Next School Test

Have you ever tried to prepare for taking a school test or final exam and didn’t know where to start? Have you ever been overwhelmed by all the material you had to study for and lost the motivation to study? In this video, I give you a 3 step test taking tip that will help…

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Time Management Is Lame. Be More Productive in School This Way

time management

If you want to have a successful school year, it starts with having a successful school hour. Time management is a monomer, it’s all about self management. In this video, I give a practical formula to master your self and be more productive with time management and the amount of hours you have in a…

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SOS… My Son’s School Grades Need Help

School grades

Recently a dear mother approached me and said… “Kantis, my son was an honor roll student the last few years, but now he’s a sophomore in high school and his grades are dropping. Can you help him?” HOW TO HELP MY SON’S SCHOOL GRADES In this video, I address this mother’s concern and explain how…

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3 Mistakes Students Make That Hurt Their School Grades (webinar replay)

I recently hosted a live webinar all about “The 3 Common Mistakes Students Are Making in School that Keep Their Grades Low…and their Parents Disappointed” DURING THIS WEBINAR WE DISCUSSED: The 4 Ways to Help Your Student Find Motivation for School and Regain The Love to Learn One Simple Strategy to Help Your Son Develop…

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How to Get Your Highest Score on the SAT

Want to score higher on the SAT? Need to better prepare for your college admissions tests? In this video I give a simple study tip to prepare for the SAT College Admissions Test. Watch this video, and let me know if this standardized test strategy works for you. How to Raise Your SAT Scores The…

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THIS One Word Can Change Your Entire Academic Career

Staying motivated in school, getting better grades, and improving your academic performance is a result of ONE WORD. Yes, ONE word….actually it’s a ONE word question. Whether you are a college student, high school student, middle school student or adult student returning to school or in graduate school this video for you. Please watch the…

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7.25 Ways to Overcome Apathy or Lack of Motivation in School as a Student

It’s that time of the school year where… …Your academic gas tank is running empty, and you’re not motivated to ace your exams. …You hate to get up in the morning to report to class, or hate to go to school after a long day of work. …You study just enough to get a passing…

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7.25 Intentional Ways On How to Stay Focus and Get The Most Out of Your Study Time

How to Stay Focus

“Focus People Focus!” That’s the phrase I hear running through my mind every time I set my desire to do something, and find myself getting distracted. This too is the phrase I remember hearing the Drama Director shout when I kept messing up my theatrical lines in the production “Spunk” while in graduate school at…

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7.25 Simple Ways to Prepare for School Exams, Tests, and Quizzes

Have you ever been stuck when studying for those big tests? Have you had challenges preparing for the weekly quiz? Don’t know where to start, or how to go about preparing for those final exams? Here are some simple ways to be better prepared on school tests, exams, and quizzes. 1. Ask the Instructor. When…

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