How to Overcome the Fear of Your Academic Future #AskKantis (Episode 007)

So what do you do when you are concerned about your academic future? Are you concerned that your grades won’t be high enough to get you to the next level? Will you be able to get into college? In Episode 007 of #AskKantis, I answer this question of a freshman high school student. See actual…

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How To Have a Social Life AND Still Get Good Grades in School

Social Life in school

Having a social life and cultivating fruitful friendships and relationships are challenging for many students… but it can be done. Too many students miss out on the pleasures of socializing, when stuck to their school books, studies, and college major. On the flip side, many students miss out on the benefits of academic success and…

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3 Ways to Focus In School, Study Better, and Get Things Done

Recently, I asked a group of students, “What were some of the challenges they consistently had in school”? And the majority of them mentioned… staying focused in school, lacking motivation in school , and  studying without being distracted. Want to Focus in School Better? Do This! So to address their issues, I shot this video…

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How to Set Academic Goals and Accomplish Them This School Year

set goals

Give a man a bow and arrow and tell him to, “SHOOT!” and his first response would be, “At what?” When there is no target there is no purpose for shooting. He could shoot the arrow anywhere and wherever the arrow ended up would be where the arrow ended up. Not much to it. SET…

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How to Write Your School Papers in Less Time

write your school papers

Have you ever had challenges writing your school paper or more specifically been frustrated with the amount of time it took you to complete your paper? Well in this video I show you two writing techniques that can potentially save you hours. These writing techniques have shown to work for writing a book report, a…

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THIS One Word Can Change Your Entire Academic Career

Staying motivated in school, getting better grades, and improving your academic performance is a result of ONE WORD. Yes, ONE word….actually it’s a ONE word question. Whether you are a college student, high school student, middle school student or adult student returning to school or in graduate school this video for you. Please watch the…

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Senioritis and “Schoolitis” – How to Finish Strong this Academic Year

finish strong

“I’m tired”, “School is boring”, “Senioritis is kicking my tail,” “I can’t wait until the school year is over”! These are actual comments I hear from many high school and college students; and you too may say them and feel them yourself. You can be healed for School-itis! In this this video, I share 7.25…

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Inspire Me Radio – Kantis Simmons with Glenys Clarice

  Today I had the opportunity to spend time with friend and author G. Clarice on Inspire Me radio.  She asked me  to tell my story about my “mess” as a child and how I used that to not only lead to success but use it to empower other students. This powerful conversation lead us to talk greatly…

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Worldwide Radio is Making the “A” Grade with Kantis Simmons

In my line of work I get the awesome opportunity to meet great people all across the country. While visiting schools, conference, churches and colleges I am able to share so many stories about life, school, and success. But now I’m able to show some of those stories on worldwide radio. Hosted by JaQuanda Elder…

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Hear Kantis Simmons and Teresa Bolen Talk About Exam Success

On last evening, I had a wonderful opportunity to interview Teresa Bolen during a teleseminar on “How to Discover your Hidden Abilites to Create the Success You Desire on Exams”. The call was content rich filled with practical action items for every listener. In the teleseminar we dealt with how to: * Deal with feelings…

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Academic Success – Sleep Your way to Better Grades

As a sophomore in Undergrad at Norfolk State University , I set out to get my very first 4.0 as a college student. In doing so, I set certain bounadries and disciplines for myself. A few of them I want to definitely share with you today. 1. I chose to study, learn, and associate with…

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