How to Focus on School Work After the Death of a Loved One

focus on school work

In this episode of #AskKantis, a Youtube subscriber asked how to focus on school work after the death of his mom. See his response here. In the video below I go into detail and communicate a practical 3 step process to find new motivation, new inspiration and the new strength to handle the death of…

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A 15 Minute Morning Habit for Successful Students

You know what makes highly successful students achieve better grades, have happier and more productive days? They know that their first few minutes in the morning can set the course of their school day. Successful people know their personal priorities are worth more than other people’s priorities. Upon waking up, significantly successful people don’t immediately…

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Academic Success Starts with Parents – LIFE Coaches

As I have traveled the country to various colleges, high schools and elementary schools I look for a few things. I first of all check out the architecture of the building I am going to, secondly I notice if the people are moving around slowly or swiftly; and lastly I observe the leadership and if…

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