ETE 020 – How Teachers Can Prepare Their Students Emotionally for Tests

It’s a proven fact that when students develop an extreme fear of performing poorly on tests, they are going to experience test anxiety. Anxiety is a basic human emotion consisting of fear and uncertainty that happens as a result of fear or any other uncertainty. In this situation, students know that high-stakes tests determine a…

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ETE 019 -How to Deal with Excessive Testing in the Classroom

Are our schools administering too many test? Do these test impact the quality of our education? Are teachers overworked in preparing for these test? Does these test  impact you and the quality of the classroom curriculum? In this Episode of Educate to Elevate, Kelly Harmon and Kantis Simmons discuss how educators are to deal with…

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ETE 018 – Can We All Just Get Along? Crafting a Healthy Classroom Culture (with Veronica Crafton)

What can you do in the classroom to create an environment where students and teachers both get along? What can you do to get the most out of your students so they are engaged, focused and love learning in class? What can you do when you have students acting out and it turns into a…

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ETE017- Good Teachers Don’t Quit: 5 Ways to Prevent Teacher Burnout

Good Teachers Dont Quit

This has been a challenging year for many teachers, administrators, schools, and parents. We have seen the national media coverage of in-school violence, school shootings, student-teacher fights, walk-outs, and debates about common core curriculum. But here’s the truth…“Good Teachers Don’t Quit!” Regardless of what’s going on in your school or our nation… YOU Matter! Here’s…

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ETE 016 – Reading Well vs. Jail Cells: Why We Must Teach Our Students How to Read

There’s been a disturbing rumor to bounce around for the last few years, and that is… Prison builders use third grade reading scores to predict the number of prison beds and jail cells to building an area. Whether true or not, learning how to read is imperative to the fundamental growth of every student. You…

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ETE 015 – 15 Fun Ways to Increase Student Engagement and School Motivation

Student Engagement. What is it and how effective are you and your school with it? The National Society of Student Engagement defines it as two things: The amount of time and effort students put into their studies and other educationally purposeful activities. How the school institution deploys its resources and organizes the curriculum and other…

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ETE 014 – How to Deal Wisely and Work with Difficult Colleagues at Your School

In a recent survey of teachers and educators, one of the big frustrations that I immediately noticed from all the responses, were conflict with other colleagues and administrators that they worked with. This to my surprise, was one of the main reasons they felt teachers burned out, stressed out, and leave the profession. Would you…

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ETE 013 – Why Taking a Dump is the Key To Be More Productive

be productive

In Episode #13 of Educate To Elevate Podcast, Motivational Speaker and Academic Guru, Kantis Simmons shares how every teacher and educator can GET STUFF DONE, and BE Productive. The tip described in this video is easy, but the application of it is what brings results. Be Productive This Way Watch this video now to see…

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ETE 012 – Morning Rituals of Successful Teachers

morning rituals

Welcome to Episode #12 of Educate To Elevate. This podcast is designed to encourage teachers, principals, professors, Counselors, college deans and anyone in the field of seeing students. Today’s podcast is all about setting a morning success rituals, so that you can be strong to elevate students, parents and your colleagues every single day of…

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ETE 011: 3 Ways Teachers Can Stay Strong During Their Summer Break

Summer Break Ideas for teachers

It has been a long school year, and I’m sure you have some summer trips, times of reflection, and ideas on how you will be spend the the 3 hout mothns of the year. Well if you don’t (or do)… …in episode #11 of Educate To Elevate, I share with teachers, principals, school counselors, professors,…

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ETE 010: Overcoming Adversity: 3 Ways to Bounce Back From School Disappointments

How do you deal with school hurt? How do you deal with disappointments? How do you overcome challenges that you did not expect to happen as a teacher? Overcoming Adversity in School In this episode of Educate To Elevate, Kantis Simmons shares 3 ways to bounce back from disappointments in school and shares how he…

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