How to Overcome the Fear of Your Academic Future #AskKantis (Episode 007)

So what do you do when you are concerned about your academic future? Are you concerned that your grades won’t be high enough to get you to the next level? Will you be able to get into college? In Episode 007 of #AskKantis, I answer this question of a freshman high school student. See actual…

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How To Have a Social Life AND Still Get Good Grades in School

Social Life in school

Having a social life and cultivating fruitful friendships and relationships are challenging for many students… but it can be done. Too many students miss out on the pleasures of socializing, when stuck to their school books, studies, and college major. On the flip side, many students miss out on the benefits of academic success and…

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How Can I Finish School While Working a Full Time Job (with Kids)?

Finish school

In this episode of #AskKantis, a 49 year old YouTube subscriber asked for my advice on finishing school and completing his college degree after 15 years of being out the classroom. See his actual question below. This is a actually a repeat question, because I get this one so many times from other adult students.…

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How to Get Your Highest Score on the SAT

Want to score higher on the SAT? Need to better prepare for your college admissions tests? In this video I give a simple study tip to prepare for the SAT College Admissions Test. Watch this video, and let me know if this standardized test strategy works for you. How to Raise Your SAT Scores The…

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Key Questions to Ask Your High School Counselor and College Advisor Today!

As I travel the country to speak to students on how to get better grades, pass standardized test, and make the most of their education, I’m baffled by the student-counselor, parent-counselor  and student-advisor relationships. In some cases, students don’t know if they are on track for graduation or have the required classes to get into…

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