Budgeting Your Time as a Student – Academic Survival Skill #4

Managing time, budgeting time, and utilizing the 24 hours accurately is a mandatory skill to develop if youwant to succeed academically and beyond. In the 4th part of our Academic Survival Skill Series we will look at time management – how successful studying starts with budgeting your time.

Recently, I was speaking to a friend of mine who is raising a family, working a forty hour a week job, and receiving her Master’s degree. And she simply said, “Kantis I need more time!”

Now you and I know we can’t get more time, but only use the time we have effectively.

In your quest to improve your grades, live your life and get it all done within 24 hours a day, here are a few “time tips” below:

  1. Develop a schedule that includes all “regular” activites, such as classes, a part-time job, meals, family, or practices (with an athletic team or group).
  2. Reserve time for sleep, exercising, and recreation
  3. Schedule review time for right after a lecture or right before a discussion of possible.
  4. Plan ahead for all major projects and exams. Don’t wait till last minute.
  5. Break up all your tasks and set them as time goals (Goal #1- search sources, Goal #2-review notes, etc)
  6. Attempt to study the same subject at the same time each day
  7. Take short breaks to reward yourself – you deserve it
Start today with budgeting the time you need for studying. As you daily budget this time, then budget time for those other key aspects in life. To amplify this topic of time management, you can also look at my book, Playing Your “A” Game to discover How to Ride on 24’s.
You can do it, and you can Play Your “A” Game!
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