SOS… My Son’s School Grades Need Help

School grades

Recently a dear mother approached me and said… “Kantis, my son was an honor roll student the last few years, but now he’s a sophomore in high school and his grades are dropping. Can you help him?” HOW TO HELP MY SON’S SCHOOL GRADES In this video, I address this mother’s concern and explain how…

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3 Mistakes Students Make That Hurt Their School Grades (webinar replay)

I recently hosted a live webinar all about “The 3 Common Mistakes Students Are Making in School that Keep Their Grades Low…and their Parents Disappointed” DURING THIS WEBINAR WE DISCUSSED: The 4 Ways to Help Your Student Find Motivation for School and Regain The Love to Learn One Simple Strategy to Help Your Son Develop…

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A 15 Minute Morning Habit for Successful Students

You know what makes highly successful students achieve better grades, have happier and more productive days? They know that their first few minutes in the morning can set the course of their school day. Successful people know their personal priorities are worth more than other people’s priorities. Upon waking up, significantly successful people don’t immediately…

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How to Write Your School Papers in Less Time

write your school papers

Have you ever had challenges writing your school paper or more specifically been frustrated with the amount of time it took you to complete your paper? Well in this video I show you two writing techniques that can potentially save you hours. These writing techniques have shown to work for writing a book report, a…

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How to Prepare For Your Final Exams and Ace Them

Here are 3 ways that you can prepare for your final exams so that you can ace them every single time. This video will show you how to prepare for the exam, develop your study skills, and get better test scores. Whether you are middle school student, high school student, college student, or online student…

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College Scholarship Advice for “C” Students

One of the most requested questions I am asked from students and parents, outside of Staying Motivated in School, is “How can I find and get a college scholarship?” In today’s video, I sit down with Felecia Hatcher, the author of “The ‘C’ Student’s Guide to Scholarships”. Felecia shares all her secrets of being a…

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How to Get Your Highest Score on the SAT

Want to score higher on the SAT? Need to better prepare for your college admissions tests? In this video I give a simple study tip to prepare for the SAT College Admissions Test. Watch this video, and let me know if this standardized test strategy works for you. How to Raise Your SAT Scores The…

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THIS One Word Can Change Your Entire Academic Career

Staying motivated in school, getting better grades, and improving your academic performance is a result of ONE WORD. Yes, ONE word….actually it’s a ONE word question. Whether you are a college student, high school student, middle school student or adult student returning to school or in graduate school this video for you. Please watch the…

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Senioritis and “Schoolitis” – How to Finish Strong this Academic Year

finish strong

“I’m tired”, “School is boring”, “Senioritis is kicking my tail,” “I can’t wait until the school year is over”! These are actual comments I hear from many high school and college students; and you too may say them and feel them yourself. You can be healed for School-itis! In this this video, I share 7.25…

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Top 10 Frustrations with School Test… yours make the list?

Frustrated when taking test? Have issues preparing and studying for test? In this video I share the top 10 challenges and issues I’ve heard from  students, parents and educators about taking test. I also share the 50/50 Test Prep Principle that you can use today to immediately raise your test scores and be better prepared on…

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Key Questions to Ask Your High School Counselor and College Advisor Today!

As I travel the country to speak to students on how to get better grades, pass standardized test, and make the most of their education, I’m baffled by the student-counselor, parent-counselor  and student-advisor relationships. In some cases, students don’t know if they are on track for graduation or have the required classes to get into…

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