How to P.O.P. an “A” on Your Next School Test

Have you ever tried to prepare for taking a school test or final exam and didn’t know where to start? Have you ever been overwhelmed by all the material you had to study for and lost the motivation to study? In this video, I give you a 3 step test taking tip that will help…

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ETE004 – How to Manage Work-Life Balance as a Teacher

work life balance

Have you ever battled with balancing work and school? Have you ever found it a struggle to turn off being a teacher when it’s time to go home? Well in this episode of Educate to Elevate, Ravonda Hardy, a science teacher of 15 years joins me to discuss work life balance – How she was…

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ETE003 – How to Measure Your Impact as a Teacher

measure Your impact

The word “teacher” and “educator” are often used interchangeably, but is there a difference? How do your students see you? Do they see you as their teacher, or do they see you as an educator? In this episode we will look at the specific differences between the terms and what you can do to be…

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ETE002 – How To Defeat Teacher Burnout and Stress

teacher burnout

Statistics show that an overwhelming number of teachers and educators battle with stress overwhelm and teacher burnout, but what do YOU do to stay motivated in school all year long? In this episode we talk about stewardship, why it may be time to change the name of your school, and how you practically defeat burnout. Make…

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ETE001 – So Why Did You Become A Teacher?

Have you ever wondered why certain people decided to get into a career field… Especially when they seem so unmotivated at times to do so? Have you asked your colleagues how they ended up in the education profession, or what keeps them coming to school everyday? Have you asked yourself why you chose to become…

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ETE000 – Welcome to Educate to Elevate

In this inaugural episode of Educate To Elevate, Kantis Simmons briefly discusses what teachers, educators, and school staff can expect from this podcast, how often it will comes out, and the best ways for you to get notified of new episodes. VIEW TODAY’S EPISODE

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Why Are You A Teacher?

Teaching is the one profession that impacts every other profession in this world. But what happens when the teacher isn’t impacted? In most cases, this results in teachers and educators being stressed out, tested out, worked out, stretched out, and burnt out… right? Well I’m stoked to announce the official launch of Educate to Elevate…

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Time Management Is Lame. Be More Productive in School This Way

time management

If you want to have a successful school year, it starts with having a successful school hour. Time management is a monomer, it’s all about self management. In this video, I give a practical formula to master your self and be more productive with time management and the amount of hours you have in a…

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How to Reduce Teacher Burnout


Recently I had the great pleasure of speaking to hundreds of teachers, professors, and adminstrators at an educator empowerment day in Jefferson City, Missiouri. This video is a small clip of me inspiring the teachers from my speech “Educate to Elevate”. This segment shares how to practically reduce teacher burnout and increase student morale. WATCH…

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Teachers…YOU Make a Difference

National Reports have shown Teaching has far higher annual turnover rate than many higher-status occupations—e.g., lawyers, engineers, architects, professors, and pharmacists; High-poverty, high-minority, and urban public schools have the highest rates of teachers both moving between schools and leaving teaching—and the majority of those who leave report they do so because of dissatisfaction with their…

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How to Set Academic Goals and Accomplish Them This School Year

set goals

Give a man a bow and arrow and tell him to, “SHOOT!” and his first response would be, “At what?” When there is no target there is no purpose for shooting. He could shoot the arrow anywhere and wherever the arrow ended up would be where the arrow ended up. Not much to it. SET…

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