How to Stop Being Lazy and Make Your Parents Proud – #AskKantis 010

stop being lazy

In this episode of #AskKantis, Kantis Simmons helps a young lady with overcoming laziness, by helping her stop being lazy and do better in school. Plus he addresses how to please your parents (this answer will surprise you). See the actual posted question here… How to Stop Being Lazy If you would like to submit…

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ETE 018 – Can We All Just Get Along? Crafting a Healthy Classroom Culture (with Veronica Crafton)

What can you do in the classroom to create an environment where students and teachers both get along? What can you do to get the most out of your students so they are engaged, focused and love learning in class? What can you do when you have students acting out and it turns into a…

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How to Prepare for the GCSE Subject Exam With Limited Study Time – #AskKantis 009

study for GCSE

Every state, country and school district has its requirements for measuring the academic performance of students. These exams are used to promote students to the next grade, or academic level. So what do you do when having to prepare for the GCSE? In this Episode of #AskKantis, an 11 year student from England asks how…

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How to Study and Prepare for the TOEFL Exam – #AskKantis 008


Have you ever asked yourself these questions… – What is the TOEFL exam all about? – How should I prepare for the TOEFL test? – How to study for the TOEFL exam? Well in episode 008 of #AskKantis, Tonya from Belarus asked me the following question about the TOEFL exam… See my response as I…

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How to Overcome the Fear of Your Academic Future #AskKantis (Episode 007)

So what do you do when you are concerned about your academic future? Are you concerned that your grades won’t be high enough to get you to the next level? Will you be able to get into college? In Episode 007 of #AskKantis, I answer this question of a freshman high school student. See actual…

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ETE017- Good Teachers Don’t Quit: 5 Ways to Prevent Teacher Burnout

Good Teachers Dont Quit

This has been a challenging year for many teachers, administrators, schools, and parents. We have seen the national media coverage of in-school violence, school shootings, student-teacher fights, walk-outs, and debates about common core curriculum. But here’s the truth…“Good Teachers Don’t Quit!” Regardless of what’s going on in your school or our nation… YOU Matter! Here’s…

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How To Have a Social Life AND Still Get Good Grades in School

Social Life in school

Having a social life and cultivating fruitful friendships and relationships are challenging for many students… but it can be done. Too many students miss out on the pleasures of socializing, when stuck to their school books, studies, and college major. On the flip side, many students miss out on the benefits of academic success and…

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How Can I Finish School While Working a Full Time Job (with Kids)?

Finish school

In this episode of #AskKantis, a 49 year old YouTube subscriber asked for my advice on finishing school and completing his college degree after 15 years of being out the classroom. See his actual question below. This is a actually a repeat question, because I get this one so many times from other adult students.…

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How to Focus on School Work After the Death of a Loved One

focus on school work

In this episode of #AskKantis, a Youtube subscriber asked how to focus on school work after the death of his mom. See his response here. In the video below I go into detail and communicate a practical 3 step process to find new motivation, new inspiration and the new strength to handle the death of…

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3 Ways to Focus In School, Study Better, and Get Things Done

Recently, I asked a group of students, “What were some of the challenges they consistently had in school”? And the majority of them mentioned… staying focused in school, lacking motivation in school , and  studying without being distracted. Want to Focus in School Better? Do This! So to address their issues, I shot this video…

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ETE 016 – Reading Well vs. Jail Cells: Why We Must Teach Our Students How to Read

There’s been a disturbing rumor to bounce around for the last few years, and that is… Prison builders use third grade reading scores to predict the number of prison beds and jail cells to building an area. Whether true or not, learning how to read is imperative to the fundamental growth of every student. You…

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