ETE 020 – How Teachers Can Prepare Their Students Emotionally for Tests

It’s a proven fact that when students develop an extreme fear of performing poorly on tests, they are going to experience test anxiety. Anxiety is a basic human emotion consisting of fear and uncertainty that happens as a result of fear or any other uncertainty. In this situation, students know that high-stakes tests determine a…

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ETE 019 -How to Deal with Excessive Testing in the Classroom

Are our schools administering too many test? Do these test impact the quality of our education? Are teachers overworked in preparing for these test? Does these test  impact you and the quality of the classroom curriculum? In this Episode of Educate to Elevate, Kelly Harmon and Kantis Simmons discuss how educators are to deal with…

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It’s Back to School Time – 3 Ways to Jumpstart Your School Groove

So it’s another school year. It’s time to get up every morning and start your routine of sitting in class, listening, studying, taking test, and doing homework. After an amazing summer, what’s going to get you back in the school groove? How can you flip the switch from summer-minded to school minded? In the video…

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Are you Making These Financial Aid Mistakes & FAFSA Myths

College application deadlines are fast approaching and you may be wondering if you can even afford to go to college. What you might not know is that the federal government provides almost $150 billion a year to help students just like you pay for college. But at the same $2.9 Billion dollars also go unclaimed.…

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The Conversation – 3 Things That Students and Parents Must Talk About

In this video, I discuss the importance of students and parents talking about aspects of college. There are three main conversations that must be had. The topics are: – What do you want to do in life? – What career or dream job do you want to have? – What college do you want to…

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How Can I Pay Attention and Focus in Class Better? #AskKantis 016

pay attention

What do you do when you have a challenge with paying attention in school or focusing while in class? This can be a problem that hurts your good grades, GPA, report card or overall performance in school. In this episode of #AskKantis, I share 3 things that you can do better pay attention and focus…

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How Can I Get Good Grades and Maintain Them All School Year Long? #AskKantis 015

get good grades

Ever found yourself getting good grades, then just to turn around and get a bad grades? How can you get good grades and maintain good grades all school year long? Well in this episode of #AskKantis, I address the question of a student that asked… In the video below, I share why mindset and habits…

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How Can I Study Effectively When I Can’t Take Notes in Class? #AskKantis 014

Study Effectively

So what can you do to study effectively, if you can’t take notes in class? Recently a student mentioned that her teacher would not allow her to take notes in class during their lectures. So here’s my advice about learning styles when you are unable to take notes in class during your lectures. How to…

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How Should I Organize My School Binders and Notebooks – #AskKantis 013

organize your school notes

In this episode of #AskKantis, I talk about how to organize and address a student’s question on using school binders for each class or one big binder for all classes. As you will see in the video, I suggest a better question… “How Should I Organize my School Binder and School Notebooks?” Inside, you’ll find…

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How Can I Finish High School On a High Note – #AskKantis 012

finish high school

What does it take to finish high school? What does it take to finish high school strong and on a high note? In episode 0012 of #AskKantis, I share two important things that you can do right now to make sure this is the best school year you ever had.   Watch this video on…

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How Should I Study To Learn More So I Can Get Better Grades? #AskKantis 011

study style

In this episode of #AskKantis, Kantis Simmons helps a young man with his “study style” by helping him to understand his learning style to best determine how you should study in school. Watch this video and then take the learning style assessment below to determine how you learn best. What’s Your Study Style and Learning…

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